The triplet Lacroix-Rocher-Benezeth Wins National Supra

Henri Lacroix, Dylan Rocher and Lawrence Benazeth were imposed on Orange face and Ben Tyson Molinas and Vigo Dubois, after a final very high level. 
Supranational third in Orange bowls



Last meeting of the season for the PPF circuit, the Supra-National Orange is now with 512 teams at the start time and often mild, a classic autumn bowler. There had to judge the great meeting yesterday morning under the sun to judge plateau, although this meeting stars quickly knew his first road trips: while Passo did not come out of chickens, also noted during the day the defeats of Robineau, Dauphant, Gire, Mille, Milesi, Bettoni, Hatchadourian, Nemeur Caillol, Sarrio, Gayraud, Devernois, CAILLOCE, Castellan, Sarnelli Caillol, Pecoul, triakis Charlet and Moroccans El Mankari. But many large formations were still vying for the 32nd and 16èmequi peppered the evening of sumptuous shocks. Lucien-Winterstein-Maraux after Mallet then Benefissa out, fell face Bezandry. Fazzino-Benatia Batistes'arrêtaient face-Olmos; Matraglia-Quilibrano-Namane, winners of Sarrio deDeslys then, the law of Rypen suffered while N'Diaye lost against Palazon, queGrandet-Dasnias-Messonnier fell against Lacroix, Garagnon that had deFouillard Boutelier-and-Puccinelli Paolini-Fournié-Renaud àBenferhat face fell. 
The round was so attractive, with a great clash between Lacroix-Rocher-Benazeth and winners of the last World Marseillaise Garagnon-Delys-Bauer. A party that held the audience spellbound for nearly two hours and ended with the victory, 13-11, two world champions. Another sensation of the morning, the spectacular victory of Tyson and Ben Molinas associated with Vigo Dubois on Milcos-Bezandry-Renaud: they led 12-7 and missed five times on the floor of Tyson, conceding six points and part! Bechon-Voyon Bonnetarrachaient-wire victory over Rayne face-to-Saissi Olmos Rypen had dePatruno-Coudène Nguyen-Van, Benferhat beat the Monaco-Trani Poilbarbe-Desseaux Feltain and did the same with Palazon-Guevara-Tripier.


3ème Supranational à pétanque d'Orange - 18ème étape PPF - 25 et 26 octobre  3ème Supranational à pétanque d'Orange - 18ème étape PPF - 25 et 26 octobre 3ème Supranational à pétanque d'Orange - 18ème étape PPF - 25 et 26 octobre


In the quarterfinals, beating Laurent Benazeth his friend Gino Debard widely associated with Delforge and Meyet while Molinas outperformed Azzopardi-Blanc-Perret, who lost perhaps their ticket to the final PPF. The other quarters were more undecided between Auvergne and of Bechon Benferhat-Adamo-Piludu who accessed the final four after a 13-6 victory, especially between Rypen-Snel-Nicod and Feltain-Feltain-Secherre, the first winning finally 13-12. 
In the semifinals, the final victory (13-1) of Molinas Benferhat and face the much more difficult Lacroix on Rypen caused by contrasting the two young top performers of the time shooters, the final everyone expected. A final holding widely its promises, with a set of high level and exciting duels Dylan and Tyson went blow for blow, Vigo and Benazethrivalisaient precision Molinas and Ben was long par with Henri Lacroix. Yet despite the levels very close game the two teams, the experience and the strength of world champions (and a little bit less well from Tyson) digging away gradually until mena last two marked by Henri Lacroix class and talent Benazeth Lawrence, author of two superb strikes to finish. A victory for the winners, but also, all spectators will be agreed by both the game developed by the spirit in which it was held, a victory for petanque, simply.



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