The Rocher will be the pair


The Rocher will be the pair

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The highly anticipated Dylan Rock gueven will team up with his brother for the first time . The Metros are serene .

While today takes place in Monaco , Masters Final 2013 bowls that fans can watch live this afternoon on Sport + , locally , almost all eyes are now turned to the 13th Grand Price Etang- Salé, " Medical Toulet Trophy ? , which runs from 18 to 22 September. Two players will be closely monitored during this final stage of the Masters , the phenomenon Dylan Rocher , who will team up with Bruno Rocher , Christophe Sarrio and Romain Fournié while still extraordinary Damien Hureau will be part of a dream team with Quintais Philippe , Philippe Suchaud and Christian Fazzino .

We all know the Rock of Monaco , or that of Gibraltar , and local bowlers will have the opportunity to rediscover some of the " Rock ? Le Mans . For this 13th edition , Dylan Rocher will indeed team with his brother, gueven , just 20 years , but also talented . "We never had the opportunity to play together for many years, and the Grand Prix de l'Etang -Salé is a true first for our doublet ? Confirms Dylan Rock. Gueven will be very burdensome to forget Quintais King , who won last year with Dylan.

But that does not frighten those who have already won the World Millau doublet and was several times European champions France and youth. In any case, this association will certainly be very bad and the favorite of the " Trophy Toulet Medical ? especially as the "prince ? Rock was brilliant during summer competition . Winner of the Marseillaise and World Millau in 2013 with a particular Stephane Robineau , Dylan discuss the pond saléenne competition with confidence. "Despite the disappointment of the Championship of France and I lost every time in the quarter , the summer went well with victories . In addition , I have a title to defend at Etang -Salé ? Says the young world champion who has incredible statistics for this contest. During the past four years , he has only lost one game in 2011 in the final against Charles Chéreau and Maximin Naguin .

And to make matters worse for the other invited teams of Madagascar , Mayotte , Mauritius and the local , the second doublet from city will consist of the Angevin Damien Hureau and Stéphane Robineau precisely author also great benefits for the month of July. The pair are in good shape, even if Robineau failed to qualify for the final of the Masters 2013. It must be said that the board was particularly impressive this year. " With Stephen, we will try to win this title I 've won 2 times and I can assure you that our team will be difficult to play. While Dylan and gueven be the first favorite , we will do our best to leave as victors ? says Damien Hureau . All prospective participants are warned.

The side of the organization, chaired by Christophe Vaudrel group goes into overdrive to get everything ready on D-Day . Meetings keep coming , no pressure at the moment because we must recognize that the club is run in this organization. The fact still benefit from the sports complex Centennial simplifies logistics to implement . " Everything is going well at the moment. The schedule is respected and refines details to receive all the bowlers in the best conditions ? confirms Christophe Vaudrel . It is from September 17, all volunteers , will be on deck with first guests arrive over three days, then the young rally on September 18 , the opening scheduled for 19 , the challenge " Medical Toulet ? 20 and finally the grand prize of 21 and 22. By then, even if the job does not fail , it is with confidence that USCES will continue to prepare for this event which is still very ad once high-flying .