The French trio confirms its status as favorite

The French trio confirms its status as favorite
Published Sunday, July 28, 2013 at 9:07 p.m.
The final two suspense last night gave more prominence to the event. Stephane Robineau, Bruno Rock and Damien Hureau won the 20th trophy Loto-The Dispatch. The defending champions, Mare Island, and John Orlando Teriinoho Manea has not gone far from reoffending, beaten 13/12 in the final. Victory and finish (13/12) in women with Caroline and Pauline Tuahine Taruoura winners final Lucienne Wong and Sandrine Laufat.
The 20th edition of the Trophy Loto-IDSBC
che lived and well
 even lived. Record attendance, impeccable organization and apotheosis, two finals held the audience spellbound late yesterday afternoon of bowling Frédéric Raoulx Puurai to Papeete.
Threesomes 456 men and 146 women doubles, a record participa
tion sprayed with 1660 competitors, opened the festivities Saturday morning bowling, in glorious sunshine and after the traditional official speeches, prayer and spray cap.
Despite the huge crowd, the organizers managed to keep the timing planned for two days, the final two scheduled yesterday to 16 hours of taking a little late because of the two semi-finals in the men's one, the other in ladies for longer than expected. It is about 17 hours and the final two debuted both were also last beyond the time considered, as they were hung. In the men, it was the perfect display between the French trio of Stephane Robineau, Bruno Rock and Damien Hureau, and Tahitian trio won the event in 2012 with Mare Island, Orlando Teriinoho and Jean Manea. All three démar
raient very hard to carry 5/0 after only two phenomena. The French team is not panicking, however, and returned in part by aligning six straight points to take advantage 6/5. But the metro had not been the hardest because they led a time 12/9, recollaient their opponents to 12/12. Trophy would be played on a lead and is the French trio who had the strongest nerves and especially Stéphane Robineau who produced two superb successive tiles to mark the decisive point. Logical predictions was observed, but the victory could just as well look on the other side.
The women's final was between two players selecting Tahiti, Caroline and Pauline Tuahine Taruoura, two experienced bowlers, Sandrine Laufat and Lucienne Wong, the latter having 
already played and lost Trophy final Loto-The Dispatch. Ahead of the Curve yesterday and yet, Lucienne and Sandrine have not gone far from imposing, seemingly in good position to win the last two phenomena. But they took advantage of their favorable position. And it is Caroline and Pauline Tuahine Taruoura which represent Tahiti in October at the world championships in the discipline to be held in France to Montauban. They carried the bet with the envelope Fcfp 160,000 allocated to the winners. Stephane Robineau, Bruno Rock and Damien Hureau have them shared Fcfp 360,000.
We will return largely on the event in tomorrow's edition.
Patrice Bastian