Semifinals high level Europétanque

Semifinals high level Europétanque
by Webmaster ⋅ Monday, July 22, 2013
As expected or hoped for, the dream team Quintais Philippe, Philippe Suchaud and HenriLacroix be the appointment of the last square of this Europétanque 2013. Quadruple defending champion and multiple world champion, triple the dream is only a short walk to the final.

But for that, it will still eliminate another triple, but not least, composed of Christophe Sévilla, House Durk and Patrick Rangue. It is 15h in the square of honor installed between the Acropolis and the exhibition that will be kicked off this party should attract the crowds in Nice arena.
Will follow the other semi-final, and there we find a happy threesome Riviera comùposée Kaled Lakhal Richard Bettoi and Laurent Nguyen of Petanque Antiboise facing one of the recent winners of the World Petanque Marseille Dylan Rocher to be associated with his father Bruno and Jean-Michel Puccinelli. A party who will, also, from 17:30 in the square of honor.
They were 512 initially, they are no more than 4 on arrival and it was not until late evening to know the names of the winners of a 2013 Europétanque which will once again lived up to its promises.