Petanqueshop_Jack: Suchaud Rock Sarrio and Madagascar for the Final Four

Petanqueshop_Jack: Suchaud Rocher Sarrio and Madagascar for the Final Four




After a stage of Autun played, won by the Rock team, the names of four qualified for the Final Four in Istres known. Philippe Suchaud is joined by Rock, but Sarrio and Madagascar. Zvonko Radnic falls by the wayside. 
It was said that the race to the Final Four would be close to the end. The Autun step has confirmed this prediction. Italy was first confirmed that the 2014 edition was not his bowing in the quarterfinals, then finishing last of precision shots. Transalpine completing the last of the Petanqueshop_Jack. Also disappointment for the team Lucien, who was still hoping to reach the Final Four istréen. But Lucien Emmanuel Thierry Savin Bézandry and Angy are completely missed in the quarter-finals, being crushed by Christophe Sarrio. The first opposition that allowed Dylan Rocher to take early in the second ticket to the Final Four. Facing a Suchaud team leader with the traditional break, Rock struggled but was still imposed. The suspense was then still at its height with the skills and Radnic Madagascar. Between these two teams and Sarrio, a would be left behind. 
Radnic so close ... 
In the semifinals, Madagascar was first control of his destiny, bowing slightly to face Rock, eager to win at least one stage in order to build confidence before the Final Four. At home, the way was thus Royal Zvonko Radnic: a win against Sarrio sent him directly to Istres. Everything seemed set when Radnic, imperial, led 12 quarters. This was without counting on the trio of Christophe Sarrio, Romain and Sebastien Rousseau Fournié who four mena later was necessary 13/12. A huge disappointment for Radnic and his young teammates, who said goodbye to the Final Four as well. The finish is also very tight, but finally prevailed Rock 13/11, getting his first win this 2014 edition Suchaud Rock Sarrio and Madagascar are now meeting at the Arena of the Palio d'Istres, 4 and 5 September. 
Madagascar beats Italy (Maurizio Biancotto Diego Rizzi Donato Goffredo) 13/12 
Rock beats Philippe Quintais - Damien Hureau - Christian Fazzino 13/12 
Sarrio beats Lucien Emmanuel - Thierry Bézandry - Angy Savin 01.13 
Radnic beats Autun (Fred Michel Damian Courroy Raphael Rypen) 03.13 
Marksmanship for the losers of quarter-finals 
1 Quintais 87 points (30 Quintais, Fazzino 26 Hureau 31) 
Lucien 2 68 (27 Savin, Lucien 12 Bézandry 29) 
3 Autun 63 (Courroy 25 Rypen 15, Michel 23) 
4 Italy 59 (Biancotto 21 Goffredo 15, Rizzi 23) 
1/2 finals 
Rock beats Rakotoariniaina - Fanirisoa Randriamanatoandro - Lahatraina Randriamanantany 13.09 
Sarrio beats Zvonko Radnic William Dauphant-médéric Verzeaux 13/12 
Dylan Rocher - Stephane Robineau - Kevin Malbec beats Christophe Sarrio - Romain Fournié - Sebastien Rousseau 13/11 
Olivier Navarranne