Petanque: The Lord of the tiles

Petanque : The Lord of the tiles
Dylan Rock and his friends were bowling yesterday at the Salt Pond , where they have distilled their knowledge to the youth of the city . (Photo: Morgan Chari )
The little prince of the ball is back for the seventh time on land acquired his cause. He tells us his nomadic life .
The first time he advanced his mug teen in 2006 , the young Le Mans is already dubbed by the master. Philippe Quintais was formal, " this one will go very far." The multiple world champion who embodies the tournament most of the next meeting was not deceived . The Little Prince has traveled, he has pushed . Today , Dylan Rocher is 21 years figurehead of his discipline. When the alley is showing off the finest trappings in Monaco , in the final of the Masters won by Damien Hureau , the Duke of Anjou, who had the chance to kiss the Princess Charlene , Prince Albert chose to partner in an exhibition tournament very VIP . With Daniel Elena , the famous Monegasque co-driver Sebastien Loeb, he drank privately with her ​​highness. An honor which earned him , among other things, to be recognized " sometimes on the train or in the street." In the courtyard of the Palace , he succeeded with his friends to blow the audience (beaten to record Sport + ) .
Top athlete ( try to achieve a 99 out of 100 in shooting competitions ! ) , Dylan does not eat his passion. But he travels the globe . Present at the World Games in Cali , Colombia, he also dreams that become Olympic bocce although he admits that his discipline is not quite universal.
Shooting competitions in New York
So he is ambassador. Recently, Sarthe flew to New York where he opened a bowling alley in the middle of the buildings at Bryan Park. " It was great " . The New Caledonia , Thailand, have seen the accuracy of the country. Now holds in the city of Draguignan, it has a layout of his working time to enjoy his sport. " Things are changing , but slowly . Personally , I am proud to know that the final Masters broke audience records , but the effects are small for us, he says. The winner takes only eight hundred euros . drains the public alley , we often walk alongside VIP , our image has changed considerably and I think we can attract many sponsors , but the players , we do not see anything coming . having said that, I'm already happy to have able to find work with my sport. " So goes the life of these boys representing France , more exactly that of Pagnol , the beret camembert and baguette under his arm, around the world.
Stéphane Catherine