Petanque - Masters: Rocher complete the square

Petanque - Masters: Rock complete the square
Winner of the last stage of Masters in Beaucaire, the trio Rock - Sarrio - Fournié valid ticket for the Final Four Monaco. On September 6, they find Suchaud, Philipson and Madagascar.

Until the end, the 2013 Masters have been undecided. Indeed, it was not until the final last step to know the identity of the ultimate qualified for the Final Four team. While there were still four competing, they are ultimately more than two years after the quarterfinals, Monaco and the Wild Card falling face Philipson and Rock respectively. The semi-finals reserve unpublished duels, and it was enough to beat Rock Philipson to see Monaco in early September. This was done, quite extensively. Already eliminated, the France team fought hard in the final, without reaching the final stage win. Dylan Rocher, Christophe Romain Fournié and Sarrio have relaunched the best of times, a few days before the Final Four. The question is whether it can last or if it was just a flash in the pan ...
Olivier Navarranne