Petanque: International are needed in New Caledonia

Petanque: International are needed in New Caledonia

By Nc-Sport
Updated: February 2, 2016

















This weekend was raced one of the largest competitions of bowls of the year: "The Caledonian Petanque" at Boulari. For the occasion of the high-level international made the trip as Rock (Three times world champion, eleven times European champion and six-time champion France.) Or Robineau (4 times winner of the Marseillaise the most prestigious competition of the world.)



This is also the trio Rocher, and Robineau Usai owed in triples for the second consecutive time at the Caledonian Petanque. In Caledonians is Tuiseka Alex, Kate and Kaikilekofo Sosefo Totini that stand before the international trio. They start the tournament on the right foot but soon their lack of stamina and the establishment of the international game will default to the Caledonians.

The competition brought together a total of 800 players! The level rises, the New Caledonia attracts top international players, Pétanque is a sport on the rise on the Rock!
Photo credits: Facebook Caledonian Petanque
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The results of the finals:
Winners: Stephane Robineau / Teva Tavita
Finalists: Damien Hureau / Vincent Usai
1/2 finalists: Claudy Weibel / Thierry Peyrone
Dylan Rocher / Dominique Usai
1/4 finalists: Toma Wai / David Leme
Vivo Tavita / Telo
Michel Marcias / Timo Thomas
IETE Temauri / Opis
Winners: Dylan Rocher / Dominique Usai / Stephane Robineau
Finalists: Sosefo Totini / Alex Tuiseka / Kate Kaikilekofe
1/2 finalists: Toma Wai / David Leme / Lole Nofonofo
Louis Marchais / Sundy Tamarono / Louis Kamedroa
1/4 finalists: Michel Marcias / Timo Thomas / Telo
Steven Faraire / Yvon Tane / Gatien Hnagere
Patrick Ukako / Alcide Leroy / Steeve Pham
Jean Claude Taofifenua / Ricko Lotaut / Alexandre Tokotuu