Petanque: Figeac opens Masters

Petanque: Figeac opens Masters
Petanque: Figeac opens Masters
Tomorrow Figeac (Lot) is hosting the first step of Masters Petanque 2013. For the occasion, a plateau exception is collected. They are likely to go for the win, which Dylan Rocher, which has tripled in the viewfinder.
Five steps, and the final side Monaco. Once again, the Masters bowls will animate the summer. Masters 2013, which begins next Thursday in Figeac (Lot). This city, a perfect choice as Maxime Barthelemy, project manager within the agency Quarterback. "This magnificent site retains its historic character and decorum of Petanqueshop_Jack just embellish. All this preparatory work has been conducted smoothly by local elected officials, volunteers and Pétanque Figeacoise and municipal employees, I want to thank. " And its first city Midi-Pyrenees will be entitled to a plateau of choice. As a favorite, there are obviously the team led by Dylan Rock. The young prodigy, who is it three this year, will be joined by Romain Fournié and Christophe Sarrio. A trio who will face, in particular, experience Suchaud Philippe, Philippe Quintais and Christian Fazzino. Between them, these men have no less than ten Masters to their list of conquests. Probably less sure is the France team before any attempt to garner trust. The trio of Thierry Grandet, Jean-Michel Puccinelli and Eddy Feltain étrennera the colors of the national team for the first stage.
A local team to watch
It also should not dismiss the local race team to victory. "Beware of this local team led by Sébastien and Christophe Vielcastel da Cunha, all of them very fit for this season," said Maxime Barthelemy. "They have distinguished themselves by playing the final of the Coupe de France Club last March in Metz and the Departmental Championships. The threesome will be complemented by Christian Enocq, champion of France veterans. All have at heart to shine on their land. " A tray of choice complemented by a strong Malagasy team, composed of Andrianiaina, Randrianandrasana and Ramanonjisoa. Not to mention the Monegasque team will have at heart to shine while the final of the Masters takes place on the side of the Principality. Tomorrow, the competition will begin at 9am, with a final scheduled at 17:30.
Team A: Monaco: Galleau - River - Motté
Team B: Madagascar: Andrianiaina - Randrianandrasana - Ramanonjisoa
Team C: France: Grandet - Puccinelli - Feltain
Team D: D. Rock - Fournié - Sarrio
Team E: Philipson - Malbec - Savin
Team F: Suchaud - Quintais - Fazzino
Team G: Wild Card: Bezandry - Robineau - Foyot
Team H: Local: Da Cunha - Vielcastel - Enocq
The program
Wednesday, June 12
10:00: Early bowls workshops Boules Jean Pramil
14h30: Start of Young Masters and workshops in parallel competition
18h00: gentlemen Tournament
19.30: Draw for Petanqueshop_Jack
Thursday, June 13
9:00: the first two quarterfinals
10:30: last two quarterfinals
Following: shooting event for the losers of the quarter finals
14:00: first semi-final
15:30: Second semi-final
17:30: Final
Olivier Navarranne