Pétanque - Dylan Rocher: "I'm a good sport"

Petanque - Dylan Rocher: "I'm a good sport"




Draguignan, winner in 2014, is the favorite of the 15th Trophée des boules Cities, which will take place in Colmar from 3 to 6 December 2015. Meeting with his young world champion and European champion.


How do you prepare this Trophy of Cities?
"For three weeks, a month, I got a little more perspective with the balls. I try to cause as little as possible for the big day potato I prefer the physical. We were thoroughly since the summer: I'm trying to relax a bit, to regain strength. "

You won the previous edition, Draguignan does it figure of great favorite of the race as everyone thinks?
"We of course keep very good memories of last year. We have won great effect and virtually without pain. The Trophy of Cities is somewhat of a Grand Slam, like tennis. This competition is very tough and is also televised. We have a great team and we would like to repeat that level of performance. "

Is the title of world champion in Marseille gleaned triplette your best memory?
"It's one of my most beautiful surely. After my first championship of France doubles also mark a milestone. Like the first title of champion of France head to head. "

Your family is keen on petanque, your way was it necessarily drawn in this sport?
" Of course. The grandfather, the grandmother, my parents, my brother, everybody plays bocce. I stumbled since childhood. After I started to participate in selection of the team of France junior, hopes and seniors. I also played with my dad, who was world champion in 2004. It is naturally. "

Nanti the high-level athlete status, your passion Is it more compatible with your work life?
"Yes I am lucky to have sixty days per year freed for petanque. In addition, the town of Draguignan I work strives to free myself. My partner follows me and it's surely easier because I have no children. When I would have, I rise a little walk. "

How do you define a bowling alley?
"I'm a striker, I like to knock the balls! Otherwise, I'm pretty laid in the game. I do not take my head. I am a winner, but I set myself limits. In general, I'm a good sport. "

Interview by Sebastian Vives
Published: November 24, 2015