PACA Frejus step of all records with Dylan Rock and Henry Larcoix

PACA Frejus step of all records with Dylan Rocher and Henry Larcoix



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Bocce Tour 2014 
The Var stage Bowls Tour on the Mediterranean coast and in the high season was that of all the records. In Fréjus (83), Henri Lacroix and Dylan Rock had a mass of spectators standing to attend their exploits, in a warm atmosphere as one can hope for in the South. The F.F.P.J.P. could not hope for better final tour in 2014. 
This is the best adjective to describe the crowd for two full evenings on the Republic Square of Frejus. And the show was assured since Dylan Rocher and Henri Lacroix was 2 high level players who moved in Var earth. The rising star of the French Petanque and the most consistent player of the past 10 years have entertained an audience of both local graduates and outsiders come from all over France. 
Workshops point seduce the children 
140 parts in total, that is what made ​​the world champions in record time. Unfortunately it was not possible for the organizers to play all candidates face the world champions. Forced to turn people away, the F.F.P.J.P. has made ​​an appointment with the city of Fréjus to explore the possibility to extend the project next year. Children who participated in the workshops have also dot set a record with participants continuously. Successful thanks to the collaboration of the Departmental Committee of the Var prowess, chaired by Jean-Pierre Noble. 
"It was very nice. I was a few miles from my house since I moved in the Var now. We have been dealing with all kinds of people. Var few bowlers who were eager to do battle with us, and many tourists delighted to find holiday where the federation hosted a stage of the Tour Bowls. 

I had never seen so many people still in this animation to track parts. People responded to our beautiful shots, applauded the brightest of our opponents, so the atmosphere was excellent. Honestly it's very fun to do as entertainment, it's physically demanding, but fatigue is compensated by the happiness that people have to play against us and leave with gifts and good memories, "said Dylan Rocher. 
"I am delighted to have been present on this promotion Pétanque beachfront on an ideal site. These two days were marked by the extraordinary enthusiasm of the public. You really have to salute the performance achieved by the world champions who rubbed a diverse audience. The interest of the sport is well established when we perceive the enjoyment of all participants. Obviously the Bocce is the only discipline where it is possible to approach and challenge the best players in the world with ease when you're a novice. Henri Lacroix and Dylan Rocher Pétanque what Roger Federer in tennis and Tiger Woodsest golf. However, they begin to everyone to promote this Bocce. I thank them on behalf of the F.F.P.J.P. exemplary for they have shown and for giving such a beautiful image of our sport. The partnership with Ball OBUT about this event is a real plus, including the ability to distribute gifts that naturally leaves a positive impression with the public, "said Jean-Pierre Iannarelli, member of the Federal Executive Committee. 
That was the last step for the season 2014 The FFPJP already working on the 2015 tour with still main mission is to promote sports Petanque throughout France and closer to the young audience.