National WINNERS: Ranking players Boulistenaute 2014

National WINNERS: Ranking players Boulistenaute 2014 

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At only 15 he already pointing to the 4th place in the ranking National 2006. In 2007 he finished second behind his partner Stéphane ROBINEAU today. 6th in 2008, he finally occupy the top step of the podium in 2009 just ahead, again, Stéphane ROBINEAU. 5th in 2010, the year Christopher SARRIO then second in 2011 at some points of Romain PROVIDED author of a remarkable season. Full house again in 2012 with a first place and 177 points! Last year, he left the honors to Emmanuel LUCIEN winner but this year he returned for the third time the leading position in the unofficial ranking players in the National.
Discover in detail the sporting career of the best players of the hexagon and the unofficial final ranking of the 3576 players who scored points during this season.
This ranking is a realization of our boulistenaute} {SYLVAIN Sylvain BONNET that carefully takes for from federal sources controlled counting the points awarded in national and provides for more than 10 years at the end of each bowler season, unofficial individual player rankings.
Ranking players Boulistenaute 2014
Dylan ROCHER - 146 points
Boulistenaute benji {} - [PORTRAIT]



Details of 146 points
7 Wins: Andrézieux, Mende, Valréas, Espalion World Millau triplet, Roanne
3 Semi-finals: Draguignan, La Verpillère, World of Volcanoes
1 Quart: Cholet
Round 5: Antibes, Europétanque, Global Mixed Millau, Le Puy-en-Velay, Bourg-St-Andéol
Or 16 nationals in points

Kévin MALBEC - 129 points

Trophée des As 
Photo Jacpetanque Trophée des As

Stéphane ROBINEAU - 126 points

Boulistenaute {Roby} - [PORTRAIT]


Christophe SARRIO - 114 points

Boulistenaute {titeuf69} - [PORTRAIT]


Thierry BEZANDRY - 108 points


2ème Supranational de Labarthe-Rivière (31)
6ème Angy SAVIN 108 points
7ème David WINTERSTEIN 105 points
8ème Jean FELTAIN Jean (moineau) 104 points
9ème Henri LACROIX Henri 103 points
10ème Bengi RENAUD 100 points
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