National triple victory Dijon 2013

Bowls. 23rd National Dijon. Win the triple Rock yesterday at the Parc des Expositions.
Dijon reigns over rock.



Bruno Rocher s’est imposé avec son fils Dylan et Jean-Michel Puccinelli. Photo Johann Michalczak

 Bruno Rocher s’est imposé avec son fils Dylan et Jean-Michel Puccinelli. Photo Johann Michalczak


On a cloud for two days, the threesome led by Dylan and Bruno Rocher, unsurprisingly won yesterday the 23 th edition of the National Dijon.

What may hold the fate of a game? At a ball touched spoiling one of two leads? In a plug out of the context of two centimeters while the opponent is announced a six leads in your favor? These are the questions that must still ask the team Southern Messonnier, Moureaux-Fontan and Lellouche after losing to the final triplet composed of Dylan and Bruno Rocher associated Puccinelli (4-13). But it was written in 2013 that National would be placed under the emblem of the Rock. Indeed, after the victory of Dylan in head-to-head, the Rocher family signs a new black Sunday for their valiant opponents, leaving only 12 points in four games on the road (to Quintais fanny, 1 point Sarrio, 7 Charlet and 4 in the final). "We had to deal with a very good team that played very well input, then we were not shooting well," stressed Dylan Rocher.

The triplet lourdaise was beginning, in fact, debates briskly. Making the best input chaotic firing the youngest Rock (3 of 4) and Puccinelli (2 of 4), and they took the lead in signing the score six times in less than 40 centimeters in two phenomena (4-0 , 2nd lead).

The Rocher requinquent

The first turning point of the match was going to happen in the next end. While Moureaux-Fontan had the opportunity to give two new points to his team, he touched the ball and let the opposing team Rocher unlock its counter (4-1, 3rd leads).

Spruced up, the trio of Draguignan wore his vis-à-vis developed in the next jet and took the opportunity to catch up with the score (4-4, 4th leads). But while the team signed three tiles Lellouche consecutive approached a lead of six, Rock Dylan managed to get under the cap and canceled the deal.

Accusing the shot and dropped by its pointer, the team Lellouche cashed one of five leading after two tiles son Rock (4-9, 6 leads).

The winning machine was launched. Dylan Rocher more committed an odd shooting (10 of 13 final), his father let go the jack, and Puccinelli had only to add. And so it was that two phenomena later Puccinelli sealed the fate of the victorious party a shot (4-13, 8th and leads 46 minutes of play).

Despite the harsh score, Dylan Rocher recognized the value of his opponent: "The party rocked when I managed to get the goal at 4-4." And after the pointer has been less successful, and we on our side, we did not give up more. " A victory that allows the rising star of French boules to register for the second time his name in the history of the National Dijon. The first was in 2006 and he was only 15 years old.