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Rocher, Dubois, Robineau among the favorites at the World Bowls 2013

The winners of the World Bowls La Marseillaise in 2012, Rocher, Dubois and Robineau will obviously be among the favorites this year. A very strong team that will seek to confirm his victory last year.

By Christophe Monteil
Published 04/07/2013 | 17.10, updated on 04/07/2013 | 5:10 p.m.


© C.Monteil

© C.Monteil

Naturally, the defending champions are still needed this year as the favorites for the race. Dylan Rocher, Antoine Dubois and Stephane Robineau, it's tough, the very strong. Together they have participated three times and won 2 times. The maddening statistics clearly reflect the quality of this team. Individually, the three heavyweights display charts simply bluffing.

The modern icon bocce, Dylan Rocher first. At 21, the prodigy has everything Mans won the championship of France, the European Championship and the World Championship for the largest stocks. Born shooter, it is both a scarecrow for his opponents, and a locomotive for its partners. In the current alley, it seems that there is Dylan, and others. But as good as it is, a player never wins alone. And indeed, with Robineau and Dubois, he seems to have found additional teammates. Do not forget that Robineau and Dubois each won three times the Marseillaise. One more than Dylan ...

Their triplet advance as an army in battle, irresistible. Metronome point, Antoine Dubois knows how to handle adverse balls, and set the table with his colleagues. With Dylan, no surprise: the average firing achieved most of the time 90% of balls hit. And decisive man remains Stéphane Robineau. The excellent medium can do anything to ease the point and shooting. He manages to keep pace with fast shooting Dylan. Better still, it stands out as a great finisher phenomena, as he proved in the semi-finals in 2012, where he completed Foyot a decline after a framed boulé. Talent, efficiency and complementarity 3 fearsome weapons.

Their victory in the World Bowls 2012 Marseillaise

Back on a final unsurprisingly by france3provencealpes

After their victory by reaction hot france3provencealpes