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World Millau: Marksmanship, Philippe Suchaud, the Ace of Aces
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Eight contenders, two contenders was the cocktail concocted jointly by Millau Petanque Promotion and the National Technical Director of the French Federation, eager to experience its selectable in a major event. The results were recorded and dissected ball after ball by Jean-Yves Perronnet, the national technical director, always rigorous evidence to support the objectives of its choice.
Philippe Suchaud, the Ace of Aces
Final Four for Philippe Suchaud that this time
managed to win at the end of a sumptuous journey.
Framing was necessary and if Kevin Lellouche Hautes Pyrenees eliminated the feminine specialist Angelique Papon, Audrey Bandiera surprised former world champion "youth" of the discipline Kevin Malbec with very good score of 51 pts to 40. It was then tripped in the quarterfinals of the Belgian Claudy Weibel, former European champion and vice-champion marksmanship.
World Champion title in the discipline, Bruno Le Boursicaud made ​​the trip specifically for this event and saw opposite entrance teammate Philippe Suchaud world championships. Part between comrades, certainly, but the palpable pressure between two men of character. Author of a beautiful 55pts Philippe Suchaud already marked his entry into the race by eliminating the defending champion.
The best perf of the evening will be put to the account of Kevin Lellouche author of a magnificent 60pts Philippe Quintais eliminating a provision that apréciait elegantly in
If the Champion Head to Head of Aveyron Samuel Santos was booked for this shooting event, giving to it the head Millau head of the afternoon, the fate meant him for the last quarter, the champion of Europe shooting as Dylan Rocher, best global performer with 69pts, unregistered it is true. 41-34, the work was too high for this young talented Aveyron, lucid and serene, amateur break-dance elsewhere.
The semi-finals saw Philippe Suchaud maintain the huge rate of 50 pts against a Claudy Weibel LACHANT gradually eliminated and Dylan Rocher taken 48-31 Kevin Lellouche ready however to renew the experience.
The final could start between two contenders to succeed Bruno Le Boursicaud for the World Championships in 2014. Completed by mid-portion conqueror Dylan, the champion of France 2013 Triplette was the resourse to reverse the situation through tiles under pressure he has the secret. 53-46, the young prodigy recognized the performence of his conqueror with a large fair play.
Anyway beautiful master Philippe and victory: hat!