Mendy Rocher

Mendy Rocher



I am the youngest of the family, I was born November 22, 1995 in Le Mans.
I started a little later than my brothers.

2003: Inter Champion league triple.

2004: Champion doublet and triplet Sarthe, inter league runner, winner of the Euro bowls of Nice.

2005: Champion of Sarthe triplet, national winner of Le Mans, Sevran Bassens, Cholet, Melun.

2006: Champion doublet and triplet Sarthe minimal inter league champion, winner of the National Orleans, Aix les miles from World Millau minimal and Europétanque Nice in cadets.

2007: Champion of Sarthe and triplet inter league cadets.

2008: Champion of Sarthe in many national and Cadet youth.

In 2009: 1/2 finalist World Millau doublet with old Alexander, Champion of France Cadet.

2010: Vice-champion of Europe.

In 2011: Junior Champion of France.



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