Masters Petanque: The 2016 cast revealed

Masters Petanque: The 2016 cast revealed
Petanque tray Masters 2016, which begins in three months, is now known. All the big names of the discipline are present, for an edition that promises to be spectacular.


Three months after the victory of Suchaud team Quintais, Weibel, Lucien in Istres, Masters bowls are back for the edition 2016. Among the novelties of this season, a team "sport Balls 2024" composed of Khaled Lakhal (world champion 1997), Christian Andriantseheno (1999), Claudy Weibel (2000, 2015) and Diego Rizzi (2009, 2011) will be vying to promote bowling in light of the 2024 Olympic Games could be held in Paris. One can also note that the Masters will be televised live on The Team 21 in the clear.

Led by the team of France, the cast of this 18th edition promises a show of all times. If the Malagasy team is not yet known (it will be revealed during the month of March), the other 6 teams have revealed a certain allure:


Team France: Philippe Suchaud, Dylan Rocher, Bruno Le Boursicaud and Henry Lacroix.


Robineau team: Antoine Cano, Jean Pihilippe Cioni, Christian Fazzino and Stéphane Robineau.


Fournié team: House Durk, Chris Elfrick, Romain Fournié and Christophe Sarrio.


Puccinelli team: Frédéric Bauer, George Delys, Lahatra Randriamanantany and Jean Michel Puccinelli


Team Quintais (wild card): Alban Gambert, Damien Hureau, Lucien Emmanuel and Philippe Quintais.


Team "Balls Sport 2024": Khaled Lakhal, Christian Andriantseheno Diego Rizzi and Claudy Weibel.


Note that in addition to these teams, a local team of each step will be the game. While players have so far never won the Masters, including Sarrio or Robineau, others already have many stars in their charts. Among the most successful face necessarily Philippe Suchaud, 7 times winner of the event in 17 editions. Just behind him, Philippe Quintais winner 5 times. These two players are defending champions, but will be part of different teams this season. Finally, on the winner's podium of the Masters, figure Henry Lacroix with 4 trophies. Member of the France team this year, he would have a chance to win its fifth star and thus join Quintais the charts.


Justin Teste