Masters bowls Dylan Rocher seeks trebled

Masters bowls Dylan Rock seeks trebled


Between the ogre Suchaud, seeking a sixth star to Petanqueshop_Jack, and the "bushel" Rock en route to an unprecedented treble, there there will be room for competition in the Prince Palace place in Monaco on Friday? Ambush Philipson and Madagascar ...


By Olivier Le CreurerPublié on 04/09/2013 | 3:55 p.m., updated on 06/09/2013 | 8:10


Dylan Rocher © BORIS HORVAT / AFP


They seemed worn by a summer spent traveling the umpteenth boulodromes but here requinqués after a stunning victory at National Mills Sunday. So the yellow jersey and Suchaud Quintais that tumble into leaders in Monaco and Hureau Fazzino, found liveliness.
Faced with the dream team Philipson-Malbec-Savin Poiret oppose talent, energy and desire. Boosted by their victory in World Millau Malbec and Savin are on a nice dynamic, featuring a stage victory in Autun. Faced with 12 stars and others Suchaud Malbec can only make two victories Petanqueshop_Jack. The experience is she the key to this meeting?