A head-to-head arc-en-ciel

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Rain stars Nice weekend with representatives of thirty-one alley at the start of the first Bernard Henri Trophy in individual nations. 
First International Trophy Individual Henri Bernard 
A head-to-head arc-en-ciel
Derogating from the historical rule that major international meetings bowls should be to compete in teams FIPJP innovates this weekend by creating (in honor of his recently deceased great leader) Henri Bernard Trophy, the first international tournament in head to head. An exciting initiative, since it will be thirty-one champions from around the world who will compete individually in Nice for two days: an opportunity to highlight a subject often overlooked, and we hope for many in public the stands or in front webtélés the opportunity to discover many remote talents.





Of course, the favorites of the competition does not appear among strangers: the FrançaisDylan Rocher, Belgian Claudy Weibel, Italian Diego Rizzi and Tunisian Khaled Lakhal is tailleront, given their 2013 season, the lion's share in prognosticators. However, it will also count with other regulars beautiful results on the French circuit, the Monegasque Frank Millo, the New Caledonian Mathieu Spinouze and AlgérienSalah Kanes. But the sensations of the tournament could also come from ThaïlandaisThanakorn Sangkaew, the Moroccan Abdemassad El Mankari, Canadian or Swedish Pouplot Thomas Richard Nilsson, all four extremely competitive at international level. 
The beautiful game and beautiful feelings in perspective so despite a formula with three balls remaining so ungrateful to contemplate and find perhaps through a competition that aims to become the world championship of specialty material change.
  1. Algérie : Salah KANES

  2. Allemagne : Toufik FACI

  3. Angleterre : Ross JONES

  4. Australie ; Joe CORCORAN

  5. Autriche : Sven THILL

  6. Belgique : Claudy WEIBEL

  7. Bulgarie : Andrey ANDREEVSKI

  8. Canada : Thomas POUPLOT

  9. Ecosse : Robbie STRONACH

  10. Espagne : Miguel DARDER

  11. Estonie : Keido KOPEL

  12. Etats-Unis : Joseph HASSOUNE

  13. France : Dylan ROCHER

  14. Irlande : John O'GRADY

  15. Italie : Diego RIZZI

  16. Lituanie : Linas BUDRIKAS

  17. Maroc : Abdessamad EL MANKARI

  18. Monaco : Franck MILLO

  19. Mongolie : A. BAYARSAILKAN

  20. Norvège : Benny BEL-LAFKIH

  21. Nouvelle-Calédonie Mathieu SPINOUZE

  22. Pays de Galles : Ian BAILEY

  23. Russie : Konstantin GOTSFRID

  24. San Marin : Alfredo MAZZA

  25. Slovaquie : Michal DZURIK

  26. Slovénie : Dragan ANTONIJEVIC

  27. Suède : Richard NILSSON

  28. Tchéquie : Tomas MICHALEK

  29. Thailande : Thanakorn SANGKAEW

  30. Tunisie : Khaled LAKHAL

  31. Ukraine : Petro HOYS


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