Gueven Rocher


I was born on November 14th at Le Mans in 1993. I started playing at the age of 5 years.

2002: Inter league champion

2003: Champion of France minor

2004: Inter league champion

2005: Champion League Cadets, winner of numerous World and National Millau young, I'm back in junior Champion of France, together with my brother Kevin and Dylan Ribemont.

2006: Finalist Muratti challenge in Corsica, and winner of many national youth.

2007: Will be one of my best year since I started because I won the trophy cities with my father, Dylan and Stéphane Robineau, Poitiers Grandet and my brother, National Finalist The Boom. My unforgettable and historic victory, being the youngest player at the age of 14 years to win the World Millau in doubles with my father who was a wonderful time for me.

2008: Junior Champion of France.

2009: Junior Champion of France.

2010: Vice-champion of France and Junior Vice-Champion of Europe with my little brother Mendy.


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