Grand Final, it becomes clear

Grand Final , it becomes clear
On November 6, 2013 by Lucie Rousseaux
13 and 14 December bowling Marcel Oliver Draguignan , " The Grand Finale " circuit Promotion French Petanque (PPF) will emerge. For two days , the 48 best players of the 2013 season will be collected in the Var for a great show. Before television cameras and in the presence of the web TV boulistenaute the elite bowls will challenge around an unprecedented prize money of € 25,200 that will delight the 16 teams invited.
 "Among its objectives , Promotion Petanque French , which is a collective of organizers recognized and reputable , wants to promote maximum sport petanque by detaching it from its conservative image and make great champions are paid fair value for their talent. Grand Final is an important first step because it brings together the world's best players who will show under the cameras ", says Mari Pascal , co- chairman of PPF with Jean Casale .
A yellow jersey to identify the leader

Through the eleven steps of PPF circuit ( Sassenage Andrezieux , Draguignan, Espallion , Le Puy en Velay, Bourg Saint Andéol , Ruoms, Nyons, Ile Rousse, Monaco and Orange ) , players have accumulated points lead individual ranking. "To give a real identity PPF , the leader of the classification has evolved with a yellow jersey as the Tour de France . At the end of the last stage in Orange , the final ranking will determine the composition of teams, explains Fabien Sgarra , public relations officer of PPF and president of the International Sassenage . "The order will be crucial as the highest ranked player will receive priority for choosing teammates ."
Three explosive wild card
Already , the tournament has stopped the choice of three wild card ( invitations) . "Our desire is to bring together the elite through a targeted communication plan ," says Jean Casale . Thus, world champions in 2012 , Dylan Rocher , Henri Lacroix and Bruno Le Boursicaud will be involved in the Var. Philippe Suchaud , too sacred on top of the world in Marseille in 2012 , will evolve alongside Philippe Lucien Emmanuel Quintais and with whom he won the tricolor jersey this summer in Béziers .
 To give international exposure to competition , the organizers thought to form a team consisting of Monaco Europe Rémy Galleau , Belgian and Italian Claudy Weibel promising Diego Rizzi . Sarrio , Fournié , Radnic , Durk , Robineau , Hureau , Bezandry , Da Cunha , the champion of France head to head , or Darodes Loy also have their ticket in his pocket.
Short, heavy on the scales for an event to the extent of the proposed shelf. " Qualified players must meet a strict charter says Lucie Rousseaux , the administrative manager of PPF . "We will treat the home players , but they should be exemplary in their behavior. It is also a trademark of PPF . "
To dress " The Grand Finale " , a contest of marksmanship - the organizers wish to certify a world record attempt - as well as two exhibitions (young and female ) will be added to the original program .
After the Masters Trophy and cities, the new entrant in the courtyard of Major , with its strategic end date season, consecrate the greatest French and foreign players from the 2013 season . An innovative project involving the elite, the economy and the media to measure the status of French bowls Promotion . A real signature in a very committed to promoting the discipline process.
Formula : 16 teams divided into 4 groups of 4 , then the quarterfinals in two rounds , semi-finals and final
Hours: competition begins Friday, December 13 at noon ; Final Saturday, December 14 at 20:30
Free admission , 15 days before the competition PPF members may reserve seats exclusively on our web SITRE !
COMPASS : PPF will hold a press conference Friday, November 29 at 17:00 at the Hotel de Ville in Draguignan in the presence of Max Piselli , the mayor of the city, Audibert Olivier , Member of Var , President of the Urban Community Dracénoise , 1st Deputy Mayor of Draguignan and world champions Dylan Rocher and Henri Lacroix. The plateau of the 16 teams will thus be presented to the media.