Europétanque in Nice: the mechanics of meaning

Europétanque in Nice: the mechanics of meaning
Published Sunday, July 21, 2013 at 07h04
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Philippe Suchaud, Dylan Rocher, Claudy Weibel and Christian Sévilla did not tremble Saturday night. They will compete on Sunday in the semifinals of the competition shooting accuracy.
Legs cut off by hours pacing bitumen and gravel in the dodger eventing. The sight disturbed by nightfall. Sore hands by the incessant smear metal. The eight snipers vying for the support of precision shots Marc and Pierre Stellardo suffered last night. In the end, exit Philippe Quintais - and four world titles - Henry Lacroix, Bruno Le François Boursicaud and N'Diaye.
Normally, however, these guys could you uncap beer friendship to 10 meters without glass breakage. Question flair surely mechanical too.
But then, yesterday at the stroke of 22 hours, it is clear that the gesture was halted when enquiller five workshops (single ball, goal defense, in-between, the skipped shot on goal) on 4 distances (6,7,8 and 9 meters).
"I love it duels level! It is important not to be tight this year, do not think too much, "repeating a Claudy Weibel relieved to reach the final four with a" small "score of 41. "It takes a big concentration and a share of success down the plug or ball grazed and this is one point lost. You can make a great shot and one hour before all miss the competition, "added the Belgian 2009 European champion. Control his nerves, certainly, but nothing in the hard sole.
"The difficulty is that all happens on the ball end of the day," warned Quintais before battle. "The semi-finals will be more interesting because the face-to-face, it forces you to make the moves. Here we all pass our turn and can not be modeled on the other side, knowing more guys like Dylan (Rock) and Suchaud will make scores. " And increasing the pressure.
Cool heads and precise gestures, Suchaud (1, 53 points) and Rock (2nd, 49 pts), both moved into the top four, did not lie "King Quintais" whose elimination could be bad for good after a tiring first day.
Clear ideas and cold hand
For others, the wait will be added to fatigue, only Christian Sévilla snatching the last ticket with a score of 33 points light years of his world record (67).
Today (17 h 30), it will be the underdog against Philippe Suchaud, as Claudy Weibel face Dylan Rock. As for the final (after the quarter eventing starting at 19 hours), it is no exception to the rule. The winner will have clear ideas and the cold hand.