Dylan Rock guest-star in Gap! Lacroix and Rock did not tremble




Dylan Rocher guest-star in Gap! Lacroix and Rocher did not tremble



La triplette star, Rocher-Di Donna-Lacroix, n’a fait qu’une bouchée de ses adversaires en finale (13-0), tandis qu’au National Provençal, le trio laragnais Reynier-Caravagno-Garric, était toujours en course hier soir.


Presence of champions exceptions, favorable weather, adequate facilities, all the ingredients to attract the crowd on the edge of the Luye were still met yesterday in Gap. With that addition, a final triple bowls, bent by the trio Lacroix-Rocher-Di Donna in less time than it takes to say (13-0).
Whether semi-final against the trio Dubreux, Pelloux, Pascal or final, the star of petanque competitions threesome will not let a crumb to his opponents. Three phenomena to complete the first, a little longer for the second, with the result after relentless: 13-0. Unfortunate Devezeaux, Galland and excellent shooter Nice Rizo, who had eliminated in the semifinals Dubois, Claude Lacroix and after battling long (13-9) could do nothing against the dream team Lacroix-Rocher-Di Donna. Indeed, having missed some good chances to score big phenomena when Dylan Rock had few hiccups, it was recognized later that the success had clearly chosen sides.
Later in the concoursdoublette the square of honor was black people for the show yet offered by the pair Lacroix-Rocher.