Dylan Rocher unreachable

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Dylan Rocher won yesterday, facing Rickard Nilsson, the inaugural Trophy Henri Bernard met in Nice, and one-on-one, thirty-one nations. 
1 Bernard Henri Trophy in Nice 
Inaccessible Rocher
Together thirty -one nations for the first international competition in head -to-head in the history of bocce , and offer these games in Nice public and users : the idea was beautiful, and Stéphane Pintus , the President of organizing committee, prayed for several months for it to be completed. This is now done : after two days of fierce competition in a bowling Henri complete the final parts for Bernard , the bet is largely successful : although some progress is hoped in future editions ( one thinking in particular siting video sharing more welcoming ) , the event was beautiful, and we begin to believe in creation, in the wake of this first attempt promising a world championship individual .
He had said and written before the first parts , some seeds seemed promised by their talent and international experience, the last four of the competition . But if almost all of them qualified for the knockout stages , heads began to fall at this stage of the debate: the Canadian Pouplotchutait face Nilsson Swedish , Spanish Darder are not going hurdle Thai Sangkaew , the former world champion shot El Mankari fell against the amazing German Faci and Franck Millo bowed , after a superb match, contreClaudy Weibel .
But however the quarterfinals which reserved to the public Nice biggest surprises and most beautiful sensations Nilsson had Weibel after leading from start to finish , while the Italian Rizzi Faci erased after a magnificent performance . As for the dual - Lakhal Sangkaew , he held the audience spellbound to the end of a long and uncertain part , which eventually saw the Tunisian win 13-12 .
And Dylan in? No problem for the French , who left by deploying a huge volume of game , no chance at the Australian Corcoran and Slovenian Antonuevic . What initially semifinals , do more of the Var super- favorite of the event: excellent Toufik Faci in was fast, despite a very beautiful part of the experience. Two phenomena of three points to his counter, four three phenomena credited to his opponent : 12/6 for Dylan and the Mass was soon called . The other semi-final was played differently if Nilsson was starting very hard to lead 6-0, Lakhal found the resources back into the game 8-9 , and 10-12 , before surrendering and allowing his opponent, radiating , to play his first international final . Unbalanced final , in which Nilsson quickly paid his inexperience Swedish never found his game and even less the key to victory against an equally intractable than in previous parts Dylan. 13/1 in eight small phenomena and thirty-five minutes the Dracénois could then , after his world title in 2012 and two European titles in 2013, put the first jersey Trophy winner Henri Bernard and his name entered in virgin ranking this beautiful event.