Dylan Rocher

Dylan Rocher




I am the eldest of the family, I was born December 17, 1991 at Le Mans. I started bowling when I could hold a ball.
A six and a half years, I did my first championship minimal, 10 and a half years, I won the head to head Arcs, the International Grenoble with my father and Leboursicaud.

In 2003 : Vice-champion of France cadets Lamoura

In 2005 : Junior Champion of France with my brother Gueven Nevers, World Champion in Canada.

In 2006: European Champion marksmanship and Junior European Champion in Martigny, champion Sarthe head to head and semifinalist in France among seniors.

In 2007 : Junior World Champion in Japan, vice-champion of France in Dijon and threesomes Trophy winner cities in Metz with my father, and Gueven Stéphane Robineau.

In 2008 : European Champion and Junior Champion of France.

In 2009 : I was scared because I had a motorcycle accident with two wrist fractures, I thought that I find her more my feelings. I resumed training again and I'm European champion hopefuls and first in the ranking of natioanaux. I realized that I had a lot of luck.

In 2010 : Winner of the Marseillaise.

In 2011 : Champion of France doublet, European Champion team and marksmanship, European Champion Hope.

In 2012 :
World Champion Seniors Marseille, Champion of France doublette joint winner of the Marseillaise, winner of the World doublette Millau and Masters.



Portrait: http://www.boulistenaute.com/actualite-portraits-interviews-portrait-20-rocher-dylan-benji-4760