Dijon victory Tête à Tête Dylan Rocher

Winner of head to head Friday Rock Dylan hopefully recur in threesomes. Portrait of a top-notch shooter.


Dylan Rocher (à gauche) a battu Alain Charlet en finale du tête à tête hier.  Photo Philippe Thomas



Earliness and its level is impressive. Despite a final head to head hung yesterday morning (see below), Dylan Rocher remains an attraction of the 22nd National Dijon. Some spectators are expressly directed to the field No. 281 where the young 21 year old man making his entry in the competition threesomes.

A bubble to start

In front, the team was not Maranelli no illusions about the fate that was about to be booked. The result has also been unchallenged and fully corroborated predictions (13-0) of those who came to witness what looked like a demonstration.

The "Rock" were mercilessly. For pulling, Dylan shows off his talent, never ceasing to identify the opponents balls qu'admiratifs also disillusioned by such a service.

"With this win head to head, the result looks good. When playing knockout, always a good start, "says the Frenchman adoption. "In the head to head, I based my game on fire. I tried to make a maximum of tiles to give me the phenomena, which has been very successful, "he says.

A record that commands respect

The recipe has not changed in the material into threesomes. Under the watchful eyes of his father - "it's been two months since I had not played with it and it feels good to be back" - Dylan Rocher beautifully worn a left hand to the blessed bowls. "I'm a shooter, that's what I like. Conversely, I'm not a pointer too, "he says.

The Sarthois birth, expatriate in Draguignan where he is employed by the municipality, its ambition to add a new row to a record as long as your arm. "We want to try to reach the last four," says he with measurement, before detailing the honors harvested in his young career.

"I am double junior world champion, world champion 2012 seniors, seven times European champion and I won twice Marseillaise," he explains. Dylan Rocher know tonight if it passes through the city of the Dukes has been a triumph. No doubt the Manceau attempt to dethrone triple winner in 2012, made by Lucien Emmanuel, Khaled Lakhar Sebti and Amri.