Cantarutti: "We will return regularly at home"

Cantarutti: "We will return regularly at home"
It is one of the most influential men of his discipline, one of the most discrete as: Alain Cantarutti, president of the French Federation, was at Metz for the Coupe de France clubs. Meeting.
In Metz, Alain Cantarutti found Joseph Cantarelli and Didier Schmitt, "leading politicians invaluable for our Federation." Photo Anthony pecks

In Metz, Alain Cantarutti found Joseph Cantarelli and Didier Schmitt, "leading politicians invaluable for our Federation." Photo Anthony pecks

Alain Cantarutti is an affable man, a man of dialogue. Elected a few months ago for a second term at the head of the French Federation, it is mainly a field man. Present throughout the duration of the competition in Metz, Cantarutti left is "delighted". And was already looking forward to returning.

• How is the French pétanque? "She is doing very well. At the national level, we are the seventh Federation number of licensees with more than 300,000 players and 6,180 players and clubs. At the global level, contrary to what one might think, we are not the largest Federation, even though we have the best results. Today, pétanque is practiced in almost one hundred countries and it is this most ... "

• What is the main objective for a federation like yours? "Seduce, ever. Our discipline is structured, television and we have an incredible potential fifteen million French have at home, the bowls. Must also successfully remove this idyllic picture which is included in the collective memory before being a hobby, bowls is a sport. '

• To do this, we need headliners and events, right? "We have it all! World Championships held in Marseille in October, have been incredibly successful. Rock and Dylan, our greatest talent has been revealed to the world. '

• Young, world champion, charismatic Dylan Rock Is your Zinedine Zidane? "This is a great engine, in which any young person can recognize. He has a good look, takes care of his image and has so much talent. It can become a standard-bearer ... "
"A bunch of friends"

• Think you to a place in the Olympics? "The Olympic Games are a big bus in which to ride, someone needs to come down. For the moment, it is not valid. We study possibilities, but it is above all a great deal of money. We will also accept other rules as rugby did in passing from one format to seven, to become attractive and interesting. Knowing that everything is locked for the time being until 2024 ... "

• How important is Lorraine in your development? "This is truly a land of bowls. A place where we take pleasure to come, even if it's cold (laughs). Any time, Lorraine was not spared a region and when I come here, I find families, groups of friends, all together, all together to stick together. '

• As team Metz, mounted on the base of a group of friends ... "The team is the best Metz of France's union is very strong, it is not a gathering of stars. This is a band of friends, people who lived more than games of pétanque set, and it seems to work very well for them ... "

• Lorraine Will it accommodate other events of national importance in the coming months? "We'll come back to you regularly. We must reward those people who live bowls, which are mostly volunteers. Already in 2014, as St. Avold host the championships of France doubles. And your area is very well represented at the federal level Cantarelli Joseph is vice-president while Didier Schmitt is an elected steering committee invaluable for our development. This is very significant force Lorraine. '

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