Bruno Rocher: Inauguration of school-Aubevoye Gaillon bowls (27)

Normandy: innauguration school petanque Gaillon-Aubevoye (27)
High NormandieLe Wednesday, March 6 bowls club Gaillon-Aubevoye conducted the official opening of the school alley. The only school of petanque in the department of Eure with children 8 years a16. For the inauguration, the president of the club and Stephane Guy Frichot Jista school official appealed to Bruno Rocher to be the godfather.

In the world of bowls Bruno Rocher well known especially for his talents and his knowledge of the sport. And because here are some titles: World Champion, Champion of France and of course league and department. But also well known for its simplicity and kindness. Bruno is also the father of a family of champions: Dylan, world champion and European champion with Guewen happens on the slopes of his father and finally Mendy.

So the school was inaugurated by the sponsor Bruno Rocher in the presence of Mr Claude Carbonnier representative of the French Federation of Pétanque and educator BF3, Jackie M Bréant league president Haute Normandie, M Christian Neutens deputy mayor of Aubevoye many city councilors and members of the Eure.

President Stephane Frichot thanked all the people who have moved to the inauguration, thank you to Carole Frichot has found a sponsor to dress our young people and of course a big thank you to the sponsor who made nearly 250 KM for the occasion. Bruno did some workshops with the children before taking a cup of friendship to close the ceremony.

Regarding the operation of the school, check with Guy Jista every Wednesday at bowling Pascal Frichot to Aubevoye 14:30 a 17h.