Around the Grand Prix

Around the Grand Prix

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Around the Grand Prix
Again winner Sunday , Dylan Rocher now bringing its total to four success in the Grand Prix pond Saleen . (Photo: S.C. )



competition schedules

Participation - 132 doubles men , 48 in women , 28 in veterans, 12 young and 28 consolation , competition schedules were also full Sunday. In additional , the victory went to Madagascar Victorian Razafindrasendra / Edmond Ratsimba Hery who beat in the final Jean -Marie Poppy / Noorman Bhoyro by 13-10 . For ladies, Romy Ibao / Sonia Ibao have shown the best in the final against Jennifer Amourgom / Marie- France Amourgom a score of 13-8 .

In minimal victory Mael Grondin / Aymeric Caro on Florian Lafable / Robert Myléna a score of 13-5 while in cadets , Joel Valsin / Arnaud Ricquebourg wins against Thomas Fontaine / Yohan Riviere by 13-3 . Among veterans, Mayotte team Hervé Siparjon / Ali fights M'Seid Sylvain Saria / Gilbert Parvedy a score of 13-11 . And finally to the consoling , George Robert / Mickaël Grondin beat Jean -Luc Toussaint / Nadine Toussaint by 13-12 .

And 4 for Dylan Rocher

Winner - Dylan Rock seriously approaching Philippe Quintais the number of wins in the Grand Prix . The latter , to his credit, five wins and after that this 13th edition , the young champion of the World now has four . The islanders have been a great first victory in the two doublet Rock as ever in France , they play together. Remains the most disappointed Damien Hureau who bowed for the second time in the final in three years and each time against Dylan Rocher.


Programs book


Lots - Books programs , released by the organization , included a lottery.

Two groups were involved


The number 295 wins a three-month subscription to JIR and a 355 triple balls Decathlon .


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Relax - After many efforts , comfort . Officials, guests and the organizing team met last night for a pot close to the room at the Blue Bayou . A good way to get back on the stories that did not fail during this week . Relaxed atmosphere and most importantly, reward for a vintage quality.