On November 26, 2013 by Lucie Rousseaux
There is a year we learned that Dylan Rocher joined the club ABC Draguignan in the Var. Now it was time for the new Dracénois form teams to championships and international competitions of 2014 .
The choice of partners were not simple for Dylan, between players already under contract and those already qualified for the championships in France next year . Here are his choices of championship teams in 2014 :
Triplet : Kevin Philipson and Antoine Dubois   

Doubles : Stéphane Robineau
Mixed: Christine Saunnier
Here are my explanations Dylan Rocher:
"I chose first Stéphane Robineau as friend in life was the opportunity to spend quality time both in and outside balls . It also won sports titles that are very important to me as my first Marseillaise and my first championship of France in senior doublet . " Stéphane Robineau come for professional reasons Dracénie settle in at the beginning of the year. " My second choice was Kevin Philipson I also appreciate very much, it is simple and I know he has big play capabilities " Not being able to team up for 2014 with two , Dylan had to make choices " I wanted to make the doublet with Stéphane Robineau attempt to reclaim our champion of France doublet won in 2011. For the triplet , as Kevin and I are more based on the shot, I immediately thought to join our team to Antoine Dubois I've won 3 times the Marseillaise. This is a very good pointer and the current goes well in the game. " Finally for mixed after being champion of France in 2012 with Christine Saunnier , Dylan leaving the Duke of Nice to join the ABC Draguignan could not defend his title in 2013. So it is without hesitation that Christine Saunnier join the club Dracénois attempt to regain the tricolor jersey in 2014.
It is not only championship teams that mount around Dylan Rocher but a team. In fact, the ABC Draguignan supported by PPF and KTK wishes up a team of 9 through 12 for an example and pass the values ​​of the association Promotion Pétanque French : homogeneous held at the beginning of the competition, not sharing ...
PPF therefore follow closely the results of his new team in various competitions. Players should meet soon to set up a schedule that you will soon release ...