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Bruno Rocher







I was born in La Ferte Bernard in 1969, married to Sandra and the proud father of Dylan, and Gueven Mendy. We live near Le Mans and I work for the city of Le Mans. My passion for bowls came from a very young age.

I started playing bowls at the age of 8 years with my parents and my brother playing themselves. By following through numerous competitions department, I progressed and won my first contest. I started with my brother win the championship of France FSGT younger and then I won several titles departmental head-to-head, doubles, triples FFPJP cadets whose semi-finalist in the junior championship of France in 1983 to Lunéville. In 1985 after the Loire champion junior, I won my second championship in Saint Etienne France as the shooter. I had the chance to shoot head and win many great prices and with national Pérez, Lebreton (Alençon. ..), my brother, Philippe Quintais Caen. At age 19 I won the championship in 1988 in France Corporate Rennes with Patrice Leroy and Fargeix JF. From 1988 to 1996 I played with major French players to name a few: Quintais, Suchaud, Passo, Morillon, Voisin, Fragnoud, Simoes, Laurot, Camps, Hervo, Olmos C. and many others. In 1992 I was vice-champion of France head-to-head in Nevers. In 1996 after major health problems, I went shooter head pointer so I could win the title of champion of France head-to-head by taking a minimum of balls. Confirmed the shooter I had to start a new career point and go in search of new bombers and returning nationals. A magical encounter between me and Bruno Le Boursicaud was explosive because some contests we became champions of France and doubles after a long domestic season, we had a very good environment to complete this agreement shock. We have used Julien Lamour with that, six months later, we are champions of France threesomes. After this season except the qualification for the World Championships where we got the title of vice-world champions.

In 2004 I won the Masters and becomes the new champion of France with Bruno doubles then we end the first World Championship. In 2006 the federation offered me a position coach for teams France, I accept and then I become world champion coach. The year 2007 will be full of changes since Bruno decides to go to Corsica and Julien joining Angers.
I had to build a new team and my choice fell on the new generation including my son Dylan and a young player Nièvre Stéphane Robineau with whom we Triplets finalists France in 2007, won the trophy cities with my 2 children and Dylan Gueven and winner of numerous national. One of my greatest victories will remain etched in our memories as I win the World Gueven with Millau in doubles against Dylan. He became the youngest player in France to win a tournament of this magnitude.